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Awareness test

March 11, 2008

Try this test:

Makes you think!

Update: It seems the video has gone from you tube though why I don’t know. It is still on


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  1. I got an error message on the video: "We’re sorry, this video is no longer available."

  2. Thanks "aa" it seems someone is claiming a copyright infringement which I doubt is valid… so the embedded video now comes from another location.

  3. This is a version of an experiment at the Visual Cognition Laboratory at University of Illinois in 1999. They won an Ig Nobel for it. See:
    More info and demos here:
    Look for "selective looking" … ironically looking too hard for that section you might then miss something 😉

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  5. keg permalink

    Hehe I got it AND noticed the moonwalking bear

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