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Surrey Lanes and triplet repairs

March 9, 2008

A ride of two halves. Due to one rider having an injury that demands that he not over exert himself we devised a relatively flat route to Headley and then off into the Surrey lanes. The reason for the two halves was that at the bottom of Pebble Coombe our injured rider turned for home leaving just four of us to “power” around the remaining road.

Thanks to the wonders of my GPS I know that that left us with 35 miles of fast1 and furious. For the second half I have, as always, an excuse for being slow. My front tyre was not properly inflated. Yes I need to ride more need to find some hills to train up. I’ counting the days until the summer bike come out.

BBT ride 9/3/2008
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The GPS also gives some extra information around how much climbing: max: 745ft min: 34ft ascent: 1235ft descent: 1178ft, ie it was flat.

On getting home I had to do some maintenance that I have not found the time for for a few weeks. The triplet needed new “front” chains. There are a number of things that are odd about changing the triplet “front” chains. First you need three chains to replace the two front chains. A standard chain is short by about 10 links, which is why you need three chains to replace the two at the rear. So I now have a chain with 90 links in it for next time. The second is that the chains are tensioned using eccentric bottoms brackets which are a bugger2 to get to turn so that you can tension the chains correctly. The final odd thing was that the chain I removed had a half link in it, so I bought a half links for each chain, but when I fitted the chains I did not need the half links. On the upside the chains last much longer than derailleur chains and they the replacements are very cheap (£5.99) at least compared with a 10 speed chain (£32.99) for my summer bike.

1For us.

2Technical term.


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