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Coombe Bottom and Box Hill

February 3, 2008

We had eight riders out for what should have been are cold cold ride but in fact was a very pleasant, moderately hill ride over Coombe Botton via Honeysuckle Bottom. This is pretty much the route I was doing to work, before this blog, when working in Bagshot when I wanted a long ride in. It also gave two good hills, first Honeysuckle Bottom and then the climb over the Hogs Back that leads to Christmas Pie for a 35 mile ride into the office. So I know this hill quite well and for the first time in a while I actually felt quite good climbing.

Then at the bottom turned left for a blast along the A25, where I got this short bit of video of most of the riders, if you feel sad enough to watch it turn the volume down to zero first.

Then over Box hill where again I felt great climbing but the 9 minutes to do the zig sags showed that there is a big difference between feeling great and being great. Then off the the Cafe in Leatherhead.

The route home was the usual through Oxshot and Esher and the usual climb into Esher was contested, well I contested it and reached 29mph on the climb!

At least 47 miles, for parts of the ride my speedometer was reading 0 so it could have been more.


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