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Icy ride

January 6, 2008

The first BBT ride of the year did not start well. One rider managed to fall on ice 100 yards from his home. We ended up being six, with one rider looking like he had eaten the entire Turkey himself over Christmas! When I left the roads did not seem that bad but it was clear that any untreated roads were potentially covered in black ice. Hence we decided to keep to the main roads which would have been treated. Off out to Epson, via Walton on Thames to pick up one rider (why I don’t just get picked up from Walton on Thames I am not sure, I do like the warm up though) then to Esher, turn left at the lights in Oxshot so that we stay on the main road and then all the way to Epson. We even stayed on the main road, past the cemetery, up onto the downs. Then down into Langley Vale. Here things went wrong as we forked left and then climbed into Walton on the Hill, where there was plenty of black ice and a four by four with an Ambulance in attendance and air bad deployed. We pushed the bikes for a bit until the road became less icy.

Once through Walton on the Hill we descended Pebble Coombe obviously, given the ice, being careful that the road was dry before letting the bikes run so only 44mph. Then out to Henfold Lakes for breakfast. The very nice people there were good enough to tell us that they will be closed next weekend so that we are not disappointed.

Home via Dorking, Leatherhead, Oxshot and then the sprint into Esher, which this week was contested as had a number of sprints today but the Esher sprint was a lesson in what happens when you attack to soon. Either you get a good gap and demoralise the other riders such that you win or they keep on trying and pass you as you slow having burned your legs to soon. The early attacker today achieved both of these results as one of the three left at that point did not chase. I did chase.

A fantastic ride, only 50 miles with a 16mph average but a cool crisp January day.


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