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Preparing to move off samba onto the native CIFS.

December 22, 2007

First I following the instructions on the page that describe how to set up the smb service I set it up on my laptop just to try and get a feel for the beast. To say it was easy is an understatement although I have much to learn and I’m not sure it is quite ready to inflict on my users.

Anyway it does allow me to start the process. First by editing pam.conf and then the most unpopular part of expiring all the passwords so that all the users generate new smb passwords. Once they have all done that I can think about moving over.

The only issue I think I have is it is unclear to me at this point whether the smb shares will cross mount points llike NFS v4 does with mirror mounts and is the current behaviour via Samba. If not that is going to be a major stumbling block.

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