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Using the new installer.

December 17, 2007

My Dell laptop (a Latitude D600) has a problem with the power supply such that the system does not recognise the power supply and so won’t charge the battery1. This lead me to trash the system before I realised the problem as I was live upgrading the system when the power cable got removed and that resulted in that boot environment being trashed and the GRUB menu. Since a laptop without a battery is not much use I left it on the things to do pile.

I now have a need for the thing to work even if it has to be plugged in the whole time so I decided to reinstall it using Solaris Developer Express. I was amazed at the progress the installer has made. Since I always live upgrade or jump start I had not experienced the new install. It hardly asked any questions and set the system up with a spare partition so it was ready for live upgrade so I could then live upgrade it up to build 79. All very cool.

1If you happen to have a power supply for a Dell Latitude D600 I could borrow to confirm that the problem is the power supply then that would be a great help.


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  1. Andrew permalink

    Try a cheap universal power supply – if you can find a computer shop that will let you return it even better.

  2. Knut Grunwald permalink

    The link points to SXDE 9/07, which is Build 70.

  3. The does indeed point to build 70. Which is another reason I was pleased it left the system live upgrade ready. I was able to live upgrade it to 79 straight away.
    Yes I could have just installed 79 but I wanted the true customer, well developer, experience. I had to upgrade as my external disk that has my zpool I use for a back up has a pool on it that has a higher version than that supported in 70.

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