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Stealing Solaris

December 10, 2007

I got a call today from my brother today, the accountant, but we don’t hold that against him, well not often. He was wondering if I could get him a copy of Solaris for his server. I think the plan was that I would sneak into the super secure Solaris DVD vault, sign for a copy of the DVD but using my excellent card trick slight of hand I would sneak a second copy out. Then I could return the first and we would have a copy of Solaris. Mwahahahah.

It was all a bit of a disappointment to tell him he could just order one or download, for free, from

The problem I foresee is that I will not be able to claim ignorance if he has issues with his computer. Must read up on installing wordpress on Solaris.


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  1. Tommy permalink

    Of course, if he wants a "supportable" server build, he might want to install S10 rather than NV. … but maybe I am just not giving the "accountant" enough credit.

  2. is wordpress, very easy to install and admin, what you need is a way to ftp whole directory structures else its a big tedious especially with the plugin directories and their subdirectories…

  3. The Solaris Express CDs I ordered months ago have still not turned up, so it may just be easier to download them…

  4. @Tommy,
    Having a "supportable" build would be too mainstream. Having failed to steal the software I at least need to let him think he some kind of uber geek;-)
    @James Legg
    If you drop me an email with your address I will send you a DVD. I’ll also ask around about what happened to your DVD.

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