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Unable to mount the device? dtrace tells me why.

December 6, 2007

I had to copy a large movie file1 to work so rather then battle the corporate firewall, or pack my laptop in my pannier, I though I would just load it onto the USB pen drive I got at CEC.

When I inserted the pen drive instead of nautilus poping up with the contents I got a pop-up saying:

Unable to mount volume ‘NO NAME’

No clue why though. A quick dtrace:

1192 # dtrace  -n ‘syscall::mount:entry { printf("%s %s %s", copyinstr(arg0),> dtrace  -n ‘syscall::mount:entry { printf("%s %s %s", copyinstr(arg0), copyinstr(arg1), copyinstr(arg3)) } syscall::mount:return { printf("%s %d %d", execname, (int) arg1, errno) }’ dtrace: description ‘syscall::mount:entry ‘ matched 2 probes CPU     ID                    FUNCTION:NAME   0  98800                      mount:entry /dev/dsk/c5t0d0p0:1 /media/NO NAME pcfs   0  98801                     mount:return mount -1 30  

and we have the answer. Who ever is calling mount assumes the file system is read-write but fails to try read-only when the mount fails. Flicking the switch on the side of the pen drive to read-write, something I was going to need anyway and reinserting it and I was away. Working out before dtrace would have been horrible this was so quick to do that it did not interfere with my breakfast.

Now I have to file the bug.

1The file was my first attempt at recording a presentation using from which I learned a number of things. First while I can talk to a room full of engineers or even a telephone without needing or wanting any form of script and not stutter or trip over my words when faced with a microphone that is recording I seem to have a problem. Secondly good though screencast-o-matic is it still took me over and hour to record 15 minutes of content and even that content is so bad I’m not putting it on the web. Clearly something I need to work on.


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