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A380 what A380

November 29, 2007

I have a friend, well colleague, well acquaintance who I met again this week in Kuala Lumpur (KL to the locals). I had flown from London he had flown from Australia, via Singapore.

I was absolutely staggered when he said he had flown to Singapore on an A380 and only noticed as he got off. Quite how you can not notice being on a double decker plane is beyond me. Clearly he did not even bother reading the safety card. At times like this I understand why he moved into management. No engineer could have missed that.

If only they flew to London.


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  1. Hah that is kind of crazy isnt it!
    I’m sure they’ll be doing a Heathrow to Asia route on an A380 soon enough.

  2. a380guy permalink

    Chris , writing this to you from Changi about to board A380 again for the return flight! Going top deck this time :-). Will write more next week… Cheers , a380guy

  3. That’s my manager, … sigh

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