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Travelling by Tube will never be the same

November 23, 2007

I had to go and visit a customer today which meant a trip on the Tube. When I got to the station I had to buy two newspapers. Two because my son had a “compare and contrast” two newspapers homework. So I bought The Guardian and a copy of The Sun.

So obviously on my journey I read The Guardian and put the copy of The Sun in my bag.

Then when I get on the Tube and I hear the announcements, thanks to Alec, I sit there waiting for Emma, to say:

The passenger with the Sun Microsystems bag reading The Guardian, you are not fooling anyone. We all know you have The Sun in your bag and are off to ogle at page three later.

It’s not true, honest, it is really just for my son’s homework.

Travelling by tube will never quite be the same.


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  1. Hi Chris
    Thanks for mentioning my spoof Tube annos on your blog. Hope you enjoyed them.

  2. EdwardOCallaghan permalink

    I want a "Sun Microsystems bag" 😥
    Would be good for school books..

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