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nautlius meet ssh://

November 15, 2007

I blogged a while back about nautilus being able to browse and access file systems via ssh using ssh:// but pointed out no real geek would use it. Well I now have a real situation where it is actually easier than using the command line. ssh:// is that place. For manipulating your webrevs or even uploading them even easier than rsync.

Pity about nautilus crashing more than occasionally but still impressive.


From → Solaris

  1. Hey, that’s pretty slick. Might be worth mentioning that your reviews directory is under /codereview/users on (Wish Nautilus spoke to my SSH agent, too.) — Stephen

  2. Nautilus talks to my ssh-agent which in turn talks to the gmome-keyring via
    What it does not appear to do is read my ssh config so the real URL I use is ssh:// then everything just works.

  3. Nautilus is just one front-end for all of this GNOME-VFS functionality. In fact, GNOME 2.22 is doing away with GNOME-VFS in favour of a new API.
    You can edit files effectively ‘in-place’ within GNOME applications that are aware of GNOME-VFS. My only real problem is that the GIMP is still not one of them!

  4. ACTUser permalink

    Be nice if nautilus was more stable then all these new gimicks.. :p

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