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Timezones for cron code review request

November 13, 2007

I’ve got the webrevs ready for cron supporting time zones. The slight delay was finding a version of webrev that was aware of mecurial which I found on Even this though leaves something to be desired as mercurial insists that any new file that it sees is something that is part of the putback. So if you run this twice it produces a webrev of the webrev. Somewhat confusing but I’m sure we will get sorted out as mercurial moves into the mainstream. For similar reasons I had to pull a new source tree and merge my changes so that mercurial really only saw the things I had really touched and not every file that I had built.

Anyway back on topic. The webrev for:

PSARC 2007/503: crontab entry environment variables 6518038 cron & crontab should support multiple timezone 

Is here: The code review request has been posted to the OpenSolaris Code alias. Please respond to the review there.


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One Comment
  1. Chris, I downloaded the onbld package from OS.o, which seems to contain a version of webrev that works well with Mercurial.
    I had to upgrade to the SUNWmercurial package from OS.o too as the Blastwave version is too old to work with webrev.

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