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3000 miles on a triplet

November 9, 2007

On a whim I asked if my daughter if she wanted a lift to school today so that we could have an extra 45 minutes in the morning rather than have to rush out to get the bus. She accepted and then just after the point of no return (ie she had missed her bus) someone calls me to arrange a 9am phone meeting. I had to put them back to 9:30 to be sure of getting back in time.

As I cycled back I noticed the milage on my trip computer was moving towards the 3000 mile mark and when I got home it was.

In 3000 miles the furthest it has been from home would either be Richmond or Thorpe Park. The vast majority of those miles have been the school runs.

It is on it’s second set of tyres and second rear chain and cassette. I expect to have to replace the other two chains when the rear needs to be replaced again.

Has it been a success? Absolutely. I sold a car we no longer needed thanks to the triplet. I have the option of taking my daughter to school, you would not do that in a car unless you enjoy sitting in traffic jams.

The only thing that has not turned out as I expected is that I always planned using it as a way to pursuade my daughters to do what I wanted. Something like, “Tidy your room or I will take you to school on the trilpet”, on the basis that I thought that arriving at school on a triplet when you are a teenager would be so uncool that they would rather tidy the room. Alas not. Travelling by triplet is seen by their peers as just about the coolest way to travel, so I need another method to get my way. Do Fathers ever get their daughters to do what they want? Well I suppose I have in that they ride the triplet mostly without complaint.


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