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Brompton psssssss

November 2, 2007

I had my first puncture on the Brompton last week. Riding back from Kingston, just what a great idea that is, drive in with Sue and my daughter who plan to go shopping, something I can’t stand but I’m required for the first half hour. So do my bit of looking at things (alas no success the only one that was acceptable was out of budget, way out of budget) I go back to the car get the Brompton and cycle home. Leaving them to shop, best for everyone.

Anyway I digress. On the way back, fortunately really near home, I hear I click, click, click from the front wheel and stop to see I have a drawing pin stuck in it. Two options. Leave the pin in and you may get home, but may destroy the tyre, take it out and you are less likely to get home but the tyre should be ok. I went with option two and raced home fast enough to be home before it was a problem.

Then since I’ve not really fixed punctures for years, new tubes are cheap and the number of punctures I get small so I just replace them. I went straight on to the web and ordered a pair of tubes (the folly of this is well known to other cyclists. 2 tubes £4.501 each, post+packing £2.00 but free for orders over £50, well I do need some lights for the kids bikes (that is actually true) and I new bag to go on my winter bike (for some definition of need also true) suffice to say I did not pay postage and packing and still kept the bill in two digits, just).

A few days later they arrive and in the evening I fit the new tube. First the Brompton does not have quick release wheels. I’m struggling to recall the last bike I owned, not that I own the Brompton, that did not have QR, but the Brompton does not. No problem there but then there are lots of fiddly washers and bits attached to the axle to loose. Then replacing the wheel there is no QR on the brake so you must no pump up the tyre before fitting the wheel. It was like being back in the ’70s, something I always try to avoid, when I mucked around with old bikes.

I certainly would not want all that hassle at the side of the road.

So my plan for any future puncture is to simply fold the bike and call a cab.

1I suspect that they are so expensive as they are low volume products. That is not many are sold as opposed to them not holding much air, which is also true.


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  1. William R. Walling permalink

    "Recommend installation of TUFFY (or similar product) Bicycle Tire Liners between your tire tube and tire carcus."
    Every since suffering two (2) flats on succeeding days I have used tire liners within ALL (ATB, CROSS and Road) bicycles).
    Simply, "When I have to push a bicycle with flat tire(s) it’s time for an alternate means of transportation!"
    Ponder, a lightweight bicycle tubeless tire featuring advanced fabrication and materials techniques.

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