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Vegas round up

October 10, 2007

This will be the last entry for CEC2007. It’s been great, better than last year, I look forward to seeing the feedback from the talk Clive and I gave. It think it went well. At least I enjoyed it.

The closing day we had All hands for all the teams so I was in the one for GCS (Global Customer Services) and was even briefly on stage, sporting the yellow Tour de France Tee shirt. Then the Q&A of the executives which I think went well. I will be getting the rest of the questions that were asked and not answered due to time and posting them on cepedia somewhere so that we can get the answers.

My final thoughts on things that could make CEC2008 even better:

  • More deep technical presentations for those of us who are that way inclined.

  • We should have had a meeting for all the different TSC orgs so that we could all be in one room and put names to faces. Next year perhaps.

  • It would be good if the content builder did not give times for the presentations. Simply allows users to choose the top 20 presentations that they wish to attend numbering them 1 to 20. Then get the computer to work out the room allocations such that we get the best allocation of slots.

  • Use Sun Ray 2s with the vpn firmware installed so that they can be punched into Sun.

  • Put the Sun Rays into a FOG so that if a Sun Ray server goes down the individual Sun Rays are still usable.

  • Have some Sun Rays in Paris near the main conference room.

  • Have the party somewhere that can easily cope with the numbers rather than somewhere that can’t.


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  1. Agree with most of your comments. I’ve posted a longer response at

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