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Speed Geeking

October 9, 2007

Monday ended with speed geeking. Like speed dating but different. 9 tables each with a geek presenting for 5 minutes. Then after the five minutes were up every one moved to a table that they had not yet been to. Brilliant way to hear some great ideas. We had:

  1. Why people who think DRM is a good idea are dumb.

  2. How to sell Black Box. You can build a really big grid with them.

  3. One that required an NDA, sorry.

  4. Why people, customers and engineers in Sun, need to understand performance and utilization better and what the implications are.

  5. CE2.0

  6. Do we really understand Red Shift.

  7. Dtrace for the bourne shell

  8. Mr Benchmarkings excellent benchmarking suit called iGen.

  9. Rational trouble shooting for geeks.

Due to time constraints we only actually went round 8 times so I missed the CE2.0 pitch. However all the talks were excellent, certainly not a time to leave your brain at home.

I’m going to be at the speed geeking session next year.


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