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On my way to CEC

October 3, 2007

I’m currently in California at a meeting prior to flying out to Las Vagas for the Customer Engineering Conference 2007. I’ve never been to Vagas and I’m looking forward to it. I would not choose to go to Vagas but it should be interesting.

While I’m there I’ll be the warm up act for Clive King who is giving a presentation called “Full Contact Debugging with the Solaris Dynamic Linker” which gives all the tricks and tips you can use to debug problems using the dynamic linker. Not really new but very useful.

If you are going to be there go to the Deep Dive sessions that are running this year. They should be very interesting two way conversations.


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  1. Zubin Ghai permalink

    : )
    Hope you have an enjoyable time. I would highly recommend sampling the coffee at the Paris Hotel coffee shop (as long as they’re still using the same beans they had 2 years ago). The fountain show outside the Bellagio is also not to be missed. And don’t forget to use up all those lovely coupons 🙂
    /me goes off to tell all his friends that he actually corrected Chris G.

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