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New Highway code published.

September 29, 2007

It is finally out. It still contains the victim blaming sections on wearing “bright” cloths and the ridiculous helmet suggestions (rule 59), and the very bad advice about cycling around roundabouts (rule 77). At least the sections on cycle paths are better than the original suggestions (rules 61 & 63).

There is a small furore about rule 148 which appears to ban Smoking while driving, which IMO is a good thing, if you are controlling a ton of metal then you should concentrate on controlling the vehicle so that you do not present a danger to other road users, which includes pedestrians, cyclists and other motorists. Luckily the smoking lobby was not as good as the cycling lobby when the Highway code was in it’s consultation phase.

One thing I can’t grasp is why the URL has changed from the easy to remember to the not so easy I just hope they leave the redirection inplace.


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  1. Are you not a supporter of wearing crash helmets then?

  2. Chris,
    I recently viewed a Nightly News report on UK ‘bobbies’ now employing digital cameras affixed to or within their helmet assisting them in daily duties.
    The point, wait until you see our forthcoming 2009 ‘global’ bicycle helmet!
    Point to ponder, a 10-15% pedaling efficiency improvement achieved for ALL bicycle types.
    (Hint: Includes existing equipment.)

  3. That is correct, I am not a supporter of cycle helmets. I think I pretty much covered it here and things have not changed.
    Like most opponents to cycle helmets I used to think they were a good idea. Then there was an attempt to make them mandatory which caused me to read the research (see ) and hence I no longer support wearing them at all.

  4. paul permalink

    have smoked in car 43 years no accident or claims so where is it bad to smoke in car

  5. paul permalink

    have smoked in car 43 years no accident or claims so where is it bad to smoke in car

  6. Smoking while driving reduces your concentration on driving. Since you are in control of a deadly weapon you have a responsibility concentrate fully at all times.
    Like we all know someone who lived to a ripe all age smoking every day that does not mean that smoking does not increase the risk of cancer.
    The difference with driving is that the increased risk is the risk to other people and more specifically vulnerable road users.

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