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Train to Luxembourg

September 26, 2007

Here I sit on the train from Brussels to Luxembourg with the decision to take the Eurostar rather than fly partially vindicated. It was certainly cheaper and so far, more convenient. A short train trip to Waterloo, catch the Eurostar, change at Brussels. Alas this will almost certainly be the last time I depart from Waterloo International as the service is moving to St Pancras which will mean a tube across London. So at least for me the 20 minutes it will knock of the journey time will be entirely lost by the extra time to get to St Pancras.

However using a laptop on the Eurostar was impossible, the lack of laptop power limits the working time to the life of the battery, which on this both not very long and the not very predictable. The battery indicator goes from 60% to 2% in one hop.


I am in internet withdrawal, the hotel only had prepaid WiFI access which since I had not pre paid was no good for me. Another case of expensive hotel (the cheap ones were full, honest) and yet the could not throw in an internet connection. I must remember to check these things next time, not that I really had a choice about the hotel.

If you are reading this I must have made it home….


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