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Going to Wiggonholt

September 16, 2007

Today one of our number had a plan. We were off to a Cafe at the RSPB centre at Wiggonholt in Sussex. I would map this ride but for the fact that for a large amount of the time I have no clue where we were. We went out over Coombe Bottom and then down through Albury and then some route that saw us ending up at Dunsfold. From there is all becomes much more hazy however we ended up at the Cafe not a minute or mile to soon with 55miles on the clock I was definitely ready for food.

And food we had. After the initial panic when they said they did not do breakfasts on at the weekend we managed to get them to agree beans on toast were not breakfast so were o.k. However it did not stop at the usual beans on toast. Apparently the cakes were irresistible and you can see why. One of the riders disappeared inside and came back with cakes all round. So any pretence that this ride was going to help reduce my ever spreading stomach was thrown to the wind.

The return journey was as much of an adventure as the outbound and given that we twice ended up on the A24 I think we were lost quite a lot of the time. The route became sane when we got to Capel and then we knew the way home, I think my bike could get home from there on it’s own!

I’d spent most of the ride desperately trying to hold on to the wheel of the tour leader who is as on form as I am off form. Obviously when there were sprints they were contended as best we could, but any wins were hollow victories since the wheel sucking had been shameless.

Note to self, get new legs, loose the spare tyre or perhaps a new bike, yeah bound to be the bike and not the rider….

Ended up doing 99miles and was to tired to just loop around to make it a round 100, Average speed 17.45mph.


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