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Betrayed but not surprised

July 26, 2007

I would love to say I can’t believe it but I can. Doping scandals on the Tour have become the norm. First this year it was Vino, then Rasmussen withdraws as does Cofidis team taking Bradley Wiggins with them. If any of that team was clean then why do they all withdraw, who wins from that? Not the public, not the clean riders who are forever tainted.

Ultimately I blame those running the Tour and the UCI. The doping controls have been a joke for years. Why does the same lab process both A and B samples? Why do they keep using the same lab that leaks results to L’Equipe before they are official, in breach of the rules? How do they keep messing up the paper work associated with samples? Why don’t they test every rider every day?

Either we accept that it is the best chemists who will win and stop testing or put in place a really good testing regime that is transparent and trusted by the teams, riders but above all the public.

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  1. William R. Walling permalink

    1) Eliminate the sponsors influence via ‘uber technology and teams’ (common equipment, individual rider). 2) Quarantine ALL participants (common, secure lodging). 3) No pre-sighting of the intended race course 4) Drug test those top ten finishing riders at the conclusion of this event.
    One simple solution, difficult to enact!

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