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Rare event

July 24, 2007

This happens so rarely that catching it on film is quite hard. The effect is achieved my multiple unlikely events all happening together:

First the car at the front of the queue of traffic is obeying the speed limit, since this is a learner driver that is not quite so surprising. Second it is slightly downhill. Thirdly I still had some energy (this is in the last mile of my return commute) and finally the road was clear enough to go for it safely.

Finally the fact that the blue car at the back of the queue of traffic pulled in to let me go made it rude not to.

The irony that I overtook just as I approached the traffic lights where I had to stop was not lost on me. Cars do this to me all the time often squeezing past dangerously close to me only to then have to brake hard to stop. At least I did not do that.

I reached about 34mph according to my speedometer (speed limits do not apply to cyclists in the UK).

No drugs or extra blood was added to the rider in the making of this commute. Yes I am really annoyed about Vino’s test results. He had the story of the tour, the crash, hanging in their while injured and then the stage wins and as so often seems to happen, now some doping scandal.


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  1. Tim permalink

    You rock! What type of geek films his commute? A really good cyclist one!
    Yea the dope scandals are everywhere from Mr. Bonds to cyclists. I say take blood from athletes at random intervals and cryo preserve it. 50% of their earnings are held in escro for 10 years.
    No athlete can bet that they won’t be able to detect drugs in 10 years just because they can’t today.

  2. fantastic! i feel like i had a great workout by just watching. hey, i might even get a bike now…

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