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I will never do that again.

July 21, 2007

The madness of queuing to buy the latest Harry Potter book at midnight.

I now have to Police the children so that the ones who have read it don’t tell the ones who have not how it ends. That includes telling me as I will be reading it aloud to my youngest.


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  1. I can’t believe you queued up for it. Ours arrived by post at 9am (and my wife is now buried in it). My eldest will probably be able to read it himself. Youngest probably will not.

  2. I’m glad we did. Amazon have not yet delivered my nieces copies. I’m glad I’m
    not in that house today!

  3. James Mansion permalink

    Hmm – I just went to Asda at 10:30 on Saturday and coughed up a fiver for one of the stock copies. I got burned with book 6 and preorder.
    I have a ten year old who’ll finish today I think, and I suspect her brother will take a couple of days longer. Then maybe my turn. Better finish my O’Reilly REST book.

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