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Smoking has left the building …. site

July 2, 2007

The most noticeable effect of the new smoking ban the England for me is that the builders now go to the front of the house for a fag1 break rather than lighting up in the half built extension.

1That is fag as in cigarette.


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  1. Gavin permalink

    The smoking ban has moved one of the three
    approved smoking locations at the UK campus to the
    middle of the carpark, so that I now have a view
    of these social outcasts from my window position.
    I can now estimate the average number of outcasts
    at the smoking point over the course of a day to
    be around 5 – sometimes just 1 or 2 desperados
    in the pouring rain, sometimes up to 8 or 10 –
    but I’d say 5 on average. Multiply that by 3
    for the 3 buildings and smoking locations, and
    I estimate we’re funding 15 heads to stand outside all day long! That’s a lot of dosh. I must say
    that the random sudden torrential downpours of the
    last couple of days have provided some good

  2. and one of the zones is behind the bike lockers. It is just like being back a school.

  3. It seems that you are permitted to smoke at work when working from home unless you invite other work correspondents into your home.

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