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Let down by your builder…

June 25, 2007

We have the builders in, they have been here some time and promise to be here even longer. However on Friday they committed the ultimate sin. I’ll explain.

As part of the building works we have to have our boiler moved (obviously due to the old one only being 8 years old it is not a condensing boiler and the building regulations say you can only fit condensing boilers so this “move” is really fit a new boiler). Hence a plumber was selected for the task and it was left in the hands of the builder to contact said plumber when the time came.

The time has now come so the builder contacts the plumber who, being a plumber, said he was busy and could not do the job for a few weeks. So our builder arranges for another plumber to do the work. The new plumber is called Chris Lillywhite, former winner of the Milk Race and rider with the Linda McCartney pro cycle team.

On Friday he came to my house checked out the boiler and the other work, he even picked up my bike, which was in the hall. However despite me being upstairs no one thought to introduce me. Words fail me. I think the new boiler will become a kind of shrine.

He will be back later in the week but on that day I have to be in the office.


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  1. Somehow you must stay home that day….aren’t you feeling a bit under the weather? It’s a shame to come in and pass along germs….you could infect the entire office!!!

  2. Gavin permalink

    Speaking of weather you may be forced to stay
    at home on account of flooding somewhere on
    the route to GMP?

  3. Mark Hayden permalink

    You could always ask him to autograph the boiler !

  4. I have a photo of the foot print he left on the carpet. For some reason Sue was not the keen on me cutting out the section of carpet and having it framed, I can’t imagine why.

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