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korn shell programming advice from David Korn

June 8, 2007

There has been some great stuff about shell scripts on the shell-discuss OpenSolaris list I’m lurking on (my cron changes were discussed there so I got added and have not removed myself).

Starting with the this previously internal advice. I particularly like the c-shell advice, even if the words “for any scripts” seem to be superfluous.

Then last night David Korn posted some advice for shell scripts.

I did not even know you could do

$ > foo date

Now I do and also know it is to be avoided.


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One Comment
  1. sang-suan gam permalink

    Hi Chris,
    it’s sam (gam πŸ™‚ just saw this entry, agree with
    the c shell comment πŸ™‚ there’s an article about why “csh programming considered harmful”.
    google found it for me:
    should be interesting reading .. especially the
    constructs for closing/opening file descriptors
    in [k]sh … although tcl would have been nicer

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