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Sun Ray firmware version

May 22, 2007

Peter gives an undocumented way to find out the firmware version of your Sun Ray. I have three problems with this.

  1. It uses an undocumented interface which therefore is likely to change

  2. It does not work for me.

  3. It involved Cut’n’Paste when we have nawk out there.

Here is how I would do the same. I look forward to someone from thinkthin1 to tell me the correct way:

/opt/SUNWut/bin/utwho -c | nawk ‘$3 == ENVIRON["LOGNAME"] {          system(sprintf("/opt/SUNWut/sbin/utquery %s\n", $4))  }’ 

Should I worry that I can type this kind of thing into the command line?

1I know I am down as a thinkthin author. It is a vanity thing. I was invited to be an author and accepted the invitation before thinking it through. I use Sun Ray. I love Sun Ray but what I do day to day, or try to do day to day is write about things I am expert in, therefore following 50% of the advice I was given when I started blogging. The thing is I don’t claim to be expert on Sun Ray. I know enough to be dangerous so have never felt the urge to post a “Sun Ray” specific expert article.


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  1. Stop-M then select “Status” and “Version” from the menu. Works just fine on my Sun Ray 270 I’m using at home just now. Now that isn’t scriptable but it does still give you the version info.

  2. Stop-V (I still want to say L1-V) reports the version directly. However now email that to a colleague. That is harder.

  3. Yiannis permalink

    I always found the easiest way was
    /opt/SUNWut/bin/utwho -c | grep -i <username>
    last calumn after the dot is macadress
    /opt/SUNWut/sbin/utdesktop -p <mac> | grep -i firmware
    Firmware Revision = <version>
    Ps. been paranoid i just edited the stuff

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