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Network Auto-Magic

May 21, 2007

Build 64 has allowed me to enable Network Auto-magic (NWAM) on my laptops. On my DELL Latitude D600 which has a Broadcom (bge) gigabit interface with a driver that supports Link and Interface Events it works well with the wired interface however with the wireless I have had to increase the “nwamd/dhcp_wait_time” smf property from 60 seconds to 120 so that it will work reliably. I can plug in the wired interface in and the wireless interface it taken down and the wired interface comes up. As it should be.

On the Toshiba which has an Intel network interface whose driver does not (yet) support Link and Interface Events the laptop always comes up with the wireless connection, which is less than ideal and would have been a pain when in Chicago but it is still better than not having it.


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One Comment
  1. I’m a big fan of NetworkManager for Linux, and this seems to provide similar functionality.
    I wonder what was wrong with the HAL/NM way of doing things…

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