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One Sun Ray for home and work

May 15, 2007

At last I can talk. With the release of Sun Ray Software 4 Update 2 Open Beta I can at last tell you about the very best (well perhaps not the best but it is pretty cool) feature that you get with a Sun Ray 2 at home.

It is not that you no longer have to have some extra box that gives a VPN to the your internal network though that is very cool as that box used to generate a lot of heat. You don’t as the new firmware has VPN built in, but that is not the cool part.

No the cool part is that when you set up the VPN you get to tell the Sun Ray all the details of the VPN servers, keys, login details etc. You also get to list the Sun Ray servers that you “land” on all not very exciting. However if you have a Sun Ray server at home and you add that to the list when you have the VPN up your home server clearly is not available so it connects to the internal servers. When the VPN is off the internal to Sun servers are now unavailable but my home server is so it happily connects to that.

This means I can use same Sun Ray for both servers. Very cool.


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  1. Ms. Fischer permalink

    Good morning…. I am trying to find a local contact for a solaris user’s group as my company is seeking to fill a system administration position that is heavy in solaris and we have been unable to find a viable candidate. This person also must have an active DoD TS clearance.Any direction that you can provide is greatly appreciated. The position is located in Northern VA.

  2. Send me a direct email and I will see if I can

  3. [Trackback] This is as much a reminder for me as a reference for anyone else, our excellent Sun Ray technology has some undocumented features, including this one for getting the firmware of your head(s):
    $ /opt/SUNWut/bin/utwho

    5 …

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