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Good Morning Build 63

May 9, 2007

Build 63 has hit our Sun Ray server, and my Sun Ray server at home:

: FSS 1 $; uname -a SunOS estale 5.11 snv_63 sun4u sparc SUNW,Sun-Fire : FSS 2 $;  

All is well, except the main menu now has a “shutdown” button on it:

Which is a bit off putting as this is a Sun Ray used by lots of other people. (It did not stop me trying though. Since it calls gnome-sys-suspend which then checks /etc/default/sys-suspend to see if you are allowed to shut the system down there is no harm apart from the wasted real estate on the screen).

More worryingly the upgrade has undone the edit of /etc/default/sys-suspend that the Sun Ray software does so that the user on the console can’t shutdown the system.


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