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At last the CTC comments on the Highway code.

May 5, 2007

At last something from the CTC about the attack on cycling being undertaken by the Drivers Standards agency: from the weekly newsletter they will email their members from the 4th May 2007 edition:

Battle continues for cyclist-friendly Highway Code
A revised draft of the Highway Code has not properly addressed the concerns of 11,000 cyclists who last year joined our campaign to have the Code re-worded. The original draft told cyclists to ‘use cycle facilities…where provided’. Following our campaigning efforts, the revised wording, issued on 28th March, reads: ‘Use cycle routes and cycle facilities…wherever possible, as they can make your journey safer.’ The new wording does not address our original concern that insurance companies will use the wording of the new Code as an excuse to reduce the amount of compensation they pay if a motorist hits a cyclist that has chosen to use a road rather than a nearby cycle facility. We very much hope that the Government will see sense and amend the wording to say “use cycle facilities where they help with your journey” – thus leaving the decision at the cyclist’s discretion. If it does not, we will seek to persuade the Lords to vote it out, or may ultimately initiate a Judicial Review against it.
We would like to hear about incidents where a cyclist has been injured while using a cycle facility, or has suffered verbal or physical abuse, or hassle from the police, as a result of using the road rather than a nearby cycle facility. Please email

I would again urge anyone who rides a bike in the U.K. To sign the petition and more importantly write to your MP about this.


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