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Handlebar mounted video camera

March 27, 2007

I bought an Oregan Scientific 2K Helmet Camera for use on my bike. I was sold on it by the demonstration on The Gadget Show where they threw one out of the window into a pond while it was recording and it survived and recorded it all.

To start with I have mounted it on my handlebars for two reasons:

  • I don’t usually wear a helmet.

  • It would be impossible to control the camera while on my head.

The second reason is the real reason my journey is only less than an hour when I come home, am fit, have a tail wind and the traffic is good. So most of the time I would need more than 1 hour of “film” but the camera with a 2GB SD card will only record 1 hour 2 minutes at the highest quality. So I either have to reduce the quality, something I will investigate, or stop the camera on the most boring bits. Since the whole journey is pretty boring and I aim to keep it this way as any excitement probably involves me being in collision with a motor vehicle.

Here is quick clip:

If you can’t resist the temptation to watch, then turn the volume down as the audio is rubbish.

This is the decent from the roundabout on the Ridgeway and the Red Road in Camberley. This is fastest part of my journey so potentially the most difficult for a helmet cam on handlebars. However I am still disappointed about the quality due to the vibration. The only solution I can see is to mount it on my head. The content is terminally dull.

The other thing is the number of cars that overtake, one crossing the white line to do so. Since I topped out at only 33mph and would have hit that speed just as the car that crosses the white line passes. Since this is something that happens every day it did not really bother me at the time.

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  1. Thanks for posting. Very useful for documenting your ride but I see what you mean about the vibration.

  2. You should see the vibrations caused when I’m off road on my mountain bike.
    I have to mount mine on my head as it just wouldnt survive the journey on the handlebars. Did you not yet stick a piece of foam over the mic opening? It does help somewhat.

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