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Last ride of 2006

December 31, 2006

I had given up on anyone else turning up for a New Years eve ride and was riding home with thoughts of buying a Sunday Paper and cooking breakfast (second breakfast obviously) when my phone rang. One other rider was up but a bit late so I rode over to his house and from there we rode in the increasing rain to Windsor via the Great Park.

The Top Twenty Cafe was closed which was a shock and I failed to note when it reopens so we went into the centre of Windsor for a Cup of Tea and watch the tourists being shown around in the rain. To my horror the cafe supplied tea in a cup with a tea bag. I would have thought being in one of the biggest “English” tourist traps you would know how to serve Tea. In their defence they did give a free refill.

When we left they rain had eased and we picked up the tail wind for a fast ride back.

44 miles 15.8mph average.

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One Comment
  1. William R. Walling permalink

    Fine weather for daily bicycling while visiting Florida, USA. (Met a GREAT local TREK dealer.)
    Enjoy the forthcoming NEW YEAR!
    (Celebrating ‘Down Under’ already!)

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