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Bad Media Coverage

December 8, 2006

It seems a Journalist can’t write a good article about cycling without following it up with one that is utter tosh. So today The Independent has the “make helmets compulsory” article as they prevent 65% of head injuries and 75% of serious head injuries! If they did that I would happily agree but as has been pointed out numerous times they don’t. The anecdotal reasons they don’t are clear when you think about it, but the proof of the pudding is in the numbers. If they prevent 65% of head injuries this should be simple to measure in one of the places they have been made compulsory.

The site has a page devoted to the “research” that produced the 85% claim.

In practice no where have they made any measurable difference, except in one way, to reduce the number of cyclists. Head injury rates have remained stubbornly unchanged and accident rates increase (the more cyclists you have the safer it is).

Via Simon.

Update. Should have noticed the date on the article. Old news. My Bad.

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