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More driving advice.

November 29, 2006

It seems not enough drivers are following my advice. This morning’s event was in a 40mph limit approaching a School crossing and a traffic jam all clearly visible. This was on the Upper Chobham Road I was doing 33mph down the hill and the nice lady in a yellow BMW mini hooted me twice then revved her engine to speed past me then brake hard to avoid the traffic jam.

I had to smile as I rode past her and then all the others in the jam that extended all the way to Farnborough. I guess the hooting was all worth while.

I suppose slightly better than the nice lady who reversed into me yesterday when I was going to pick up my Son from School on the triplet. She protested that “I had looked”, well that’s o.k. then. I must have been beamed down from a starship. It could not possibly be that reversing out of a drive is a bad idea. I stayed upright and the bumper on the car crumpled around the front wheel with no apparent damage to the bike or me.

I’m a bit concerned in case these events come in threes… tomorrow could be bad.

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