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Henfold Lakes via Coombe Bottom

November 19, 2006

Friday’s ride home from work did not put me off cycling forever. At 8:30 Saturday I was on the triplet taking my son to football and today I was on my trusty tourer for the Sunday ride.

After the shock of Tea and Beans on Toast being more than £5.00 a head last week in the Lucky Duck in Shere we were forced to go to Henfold Lakes. This morning was a beautiful, if cold morning, clear and after the mist cleared bright. More surprising was that there were seven riders out today which with the cold was good. One had to turn back to be sure of not being late for a Wedding, not his, but almost immediately after that another one caught us up.

We went out via Coombe Bottom on the route we normally use to return going past the Prison at Send. Then once down Coombe Bottom left through Gomshall and Abinger Hammer then right up onto Abinger Common and past the Abinger Hatch pub. Then on to Ockley, Capel, Newdigate and to the Cafe.

At the Cafe we discussed the new team kit we are going to get. This has been under discussion ever since I joined this group, at least 5 years, and so far we have never been able to agree on it. However this time I have some hope we will get somewhere not least as this time we have paid a deposit!

We went the direct route home and yet again I was not feeling really good on the bike which is becoming a worry. Might have to throw some technology at this in the form of a lighter faster more modern winter hack bike…it is the only solution that makes sense.

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