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Book review: The God Delusion

November 18, 2006

The fact that it is just a week since I got a copy of “The God Delusion” and am now writing about completing it speaks volumes for the book. It is a fascinating, thought provoking book, that does not appear to pull any punches and is written with passion that comes through the text. For the record I’ve never read any book like it before.

The books defence of Darwin in arguing against Creationism and for Evolution the passion jumps from the pages along with the representation of the facts and arguments from both sides.

The fact that I am still uneasy about writing about it shows what a good job has been done in stifling any criticism of religious belief which is one of the points of the book, it’s just easier to ignore religion or pretend you believe than say you don’t. However it is when Dawkins moves onto the dangers of religion that the book becomes most interesting or concerning.

I would recommend the book to anyone.

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  1. Anonymous permalink

    I haven’t read it, and probably won’t. However, I fail to understand how evolution and divine creation are mutually exclusive. Only the closed minded on both sides can. Many mainstream religious denominations have no problems with the coexistence of evolution and divine creation.
    Note Darwin was a believer in God while he developed his theories, and it was a life tragedy which caused him to lose faith. Darwin is also buried in a church.
    I would also note neither Darwinism nor Evolution attempt to explain the origin of life or the origin of the universe. The latter is an entirely different realm of science (cosmology) than evolution or biology.
    But I do find it amazing those who have trouble believing a divine being could not have made inanimate matter animate, believe it can happen spontaneously.
    Regarding the dangers of religion, religion is not dangerous. Man is. And if one is an atheist, religion is nothing more than the delusions of man, and therefore is man, and therefore cannot be blamed for mans’ decisions no more than the Rotary Club if a member does something bad.
    I think the best popular presentation of the religion vs. science debate was the movie adaptation of Carl Sagan’s Contact. At the end, Jodie Foster’s scientist character was asking the congressional panel to accept her testimony based on faith, not evidence. To believe it was fact, not delusion. Or maybe I was the only one who saw what I thought was a rather obvious plot device.

  2. You really need to read the book.
    There is a whole section on the science around the origin of the Universe. Since Darwin was studying life and it’s evolution on earth it should be be a surprise that it does not mention the origin of the universe.

  3. Chris I am contantly wound up by folks who do horrible things to others in the name of ‘religion’. Is this book going to calm me down ?

  4. I’m not sure it will calm you down, but it might make you view religion in a different way.
    I recommend it.

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