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Home Server questions answered

November 14, 2006

Rayson Ho asked the following quesitons in response to my posting listing my home server configuration.

1) How noisy is the power supply under Solaris??

Well it is sat less than 1 meter away from me and I can live with it easily. I would prefer to put the whole system in another room or the loft or somewhere out of the way and use it all remotely since it is a server but the hassle of sorting out network cabling and the fact that the layout of the house may change soon means I have not.

2) Could you get the built-in ethernet interface to run at full speed??

Yes. The users even noticed that life was faster when I finally bought the gigabit hub.

3) Is sound working??

I’ve not even tried. Just to answer you I looked in /dev/sound and it is empty but I have made no attempt to see if there is something I can tweak to get sound working. I don’t need or want sound on my server.

Lastly, what is the difference with using the SATA framework vs legacy mode? Would I get better performance with the new framework??

I don’t think the sata frame work buys you any performance at all. It allows you to do things like hot plugging which is not possible with the case I have so is not an issue.

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