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More excuses needed

November 12, 2006

Today’s ride just depressed me. I struggled up all the hills and could barely keep up on the flat. This is a slight exaggeration, but only slight. Once again it was the climb to the top of Newlands Corner where it went wrong. Again on my trusty tourer I found I could not keep pace, this time climbing in the big ring but while that offers the possibility of accelerating it relies on you having the strength to do the acceleration. It also caused my legs to burn, and due to the spacing of the lower gears on the six speed it was hard to find a comfortable gear. The only upside was plenty of excuses for not getting to the top first. Had that been the only climb where I was left wanting it would not be depressing but it was not and for the final ignomy one of our number was out on his mountain bike and in the run down, yes down, into Cobham after my turn of the front he managed to put a big enough gap on me that I had all but given up trying to get his wheel back when an old cyclist friend pulled out of a side road and gave me an excuse to slow for a chat.

I’m left wondering whether I am riding too much. However since there is no other way to get to work I either have to get fitter, more motivated or buy a faster winter bike. I’ll try the first two.

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