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I may have to get a new blog

November 12, 2006

I’ve been waiting for Geoff’s review of “The God Delusion” but on Saturday I went into Walton to see the new shppoing centre which contains a new book shop. Being a sucker for a book shop I went in with my daughters who managed to blag me for five books while I left with “The God Delusion”.

Oddly the very fact that I don’t feel easy commenting on a book on my blog, while it is hosted by my employer because the book is about religion is covered in the first chapter, while not actually singling out blogging.

I’ll read it, so far I’m struggling to put it down, and may either decide I can post a review here or more likely will desert for a location not directly connected with Sun. I’m not entirely sure why though. Possibly cowidice.

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  1. Ah go ahead, write about it here … I’d like to hear what you have to say about it.

  2. Yes, don’t wait…. if people can write at about sunscreen, Casino Royale, A380 crosswind testing (gorgeous video, that), and The Heads of Atahualpa, a simple book review is unlikely to cause much of a stir….
    I did mention Dawkins’ book in passing, and said that I basically agreed with it. The fact that it’s #2 on the Amazon best-seller list is a good thing; it’s going to get a lot of people talking – and hopefully thinking – about atheism as a practical alternative. Structurally, it’s a “horizontal” book, a series of essays on various topics related to theistic belief. There’s something for everyone, as it were. This means, however, that it lacks the structural coherence of, say, Dan Dennett’s Breaking The Spell – or of most of Dawkins’ earlier work. It’s closer to Sam Harris, an author who alternately delights and infuriates me.Those few of us that have read widely on the topic of atheism, from Russell to Flew to Michael Martin to Wells to Dennett, will find nothing new in Dawkins’ book. But we’re in a distinct minority, of course: most people have not encountered these ideas, and for them the book is to be highly recommended. I applaud Dawkins for using his well-earned reputation in evolutionary biology to advance this controversial message, and for exposing himself to clueless reviewers such as Marilynn Robinson in the latest Atlantic. However if I were allowed to take only one work of Dawkins to the fabled “desert island” along with my discs, it would not be this one. I’d be agonizing over the choice between the magnificent Extended Phenotype and the inspirational Ancestors’ Tale. If I’m lucky, perhaps I’ll be allowed to take both.
    (And having written all of this, I think I’ll copy it into my blog!)

  3. I say post it on this blog. I like reading your content and if you create another blog that means another click for me. 🙂

  4. I’d say go for it. I see no reason why not.. I am pleased to see you encouraging your children to read books. I get so depressed visiting peoples homes where not a single book can be found…

  5. alecm permalink

    Post it; BSC has had chaps doing evangelical stuff before now, so at the slightest this is “balance”.

  6. alecm permalink

    Results 1 – 100 of about 6,190 from for god. (0.54 seconds)

  7. alecm permalink

    Results 1 – 100 of about 6,190 from for god. (0.54 seconds)

  8. Joe Schmo permalink

    Since you’ve obviously struggled a bit with it, for your own piece of mind I say post elsewhere…

    To the others looking for “balance”, the count of blogs about god is irrelevant:

    atheists don’t discriminate against christians so christians have free reign to write as they please
    christians do judge (as a point of pride, even) and discriminate against non-christians

    You’re in the minority, so protect yourself.

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