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November 8, 2006

One of the goals of upgrading from the Qube to a Solaris system was to ease the upgrade of which had a requirement for a modern version of python that along with all the other requirements was more effort given the short life expectancy of the systems I decided not to do.

Last night I finally upgraded to the latest nightly of the planet software with python via blastwave. It was really good to be able to snapshot /opt/csw prior to letting pkg-get upgrade all the packages so if it did all go wrong I could just rollback the binaries.

Now at last is correctly formatting all the entries it contains, though I fear it has republished a lot of the content via the RSS feeds. My apologies for that.

Tags: topic:[cycling] topic:[planetcycling] topic:[solaris] topic:[python]


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  1. Put a hard line break before and after your feedback file #include statement, or inside it as the first and last statements 🙂 Dave

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