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November 4, 2006

Customer Service.

I started riding my winter bike a while back in case I got caught out in the dark on the way home. On the first trip I checked all the lights and all was well. However just over two weeks ago I was returning home and it was getting properly dark so I turned on the secondary front light. Nothing happened so I figured the bulb had blown. If I have one complaint against the dynamo it is the life span of bulbs, in my experience it is about a year, about 5000 miles on the road and about half of them switch on, perhaps not that bad after all.

I always carry a spare bulb or two so stopped and changed the bulb. No joy, so I continued home. Since the lights are wired in series and the primary light still worked the lamp was still passing current and after a posting to uk.rec.cycling to see if there was any known issues or ways to fix them. I emailed SJS cycles where I had bought the light two years ago to see if they could get it repaired. By return of email, less than 24 hours, they said send it to them and they would get it repaired.

Today it arrived back in the post. Well it did not, instead a brand new one did with an invoice for £0.00 “Warranty Free of Charge replacement”. No questions about where or when I bought it. No receipt had to be produced.

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