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The Clocks have gone back!

October 29, 2006

An extra hour in bed and then out on the winter bike, my trusty old tourer with friction shifters and 12 very spread out speeds. Since last season it has a new chain, block and rear axle. Giving it a lower top gear than before as I have still not sourced a good 6 speed block with a 14 tooth sprocket, anyway I digress. Given that I have had this bike for over 20 years I should not have thought the gears needed adjusting just because of the clicking noise. It has friction shifters so you do that adjustment as you go along.

Five of us this morning for a round about trip to the Cafe at Henfold Lakes. Out via Byfleet then the usual route to the top of Newlands Corner, where I was soundly beaten by a sprint for the top from a rider I did not even realise was still with us. Good job this is not competitive. Now a cross country route to Henfold via Abinger Common, Ockley and Capel.

Now given that I had had the extra hour in bed on leaving the Cafe I should have remembered that my watch was still one hour fast. So there was no need to put the hammer down in an attempt to get home on time. Doh.

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One Comment
  1. Chris,
    Cycling my MASI which features a rear suspension seatpost (Cane Creek ST-Black Elastomer) and Carbon Fork two days ago when I hit a typical bump that moved me ‘off road’.
    I’m the FULL SUSPENSION bicycle pundit, NO further MASI riding until so equipped!
    NOTE: My HARO (ATB) and DIAMONDBACK (Cross) are comfy!

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