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53394 snapshots

October 25, 2006

After almost 2 months of running ZFS at home things are stabilizing with the configuration. I’m still surprised by the number of file systems and even more surprised by the number of snapshots:

: pearson TS 1 $; zfs list -t filesystem | wc -l       40 : pearson TS 2 $; zfs list -t snapshot | wc -l    53394 : pearson TS 3 $; df -h /tank Filesystem             size   used  avail capacity  Mounted on tank                   272G    33K   194G     1%    /tank : pearson TS 4 $; 

Approximately 1334 snapshots per file system. I’ve used the snapshots 3 times to recover various things I have cocked up (I’m refraining from using the F word after the storm in a tea cup Tim’s posting caused, even if no one would notice). However I sleep better knowing that my families data is safe from their user error. Only I can mess them up!

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