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Cyclist Helmet Cam

October 22, 2006

Some great videos of a local, to me, cyclist commuting with a helmet mounted camera.

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  1. Bede Seymour permalink

    Chris, those cycling / commuting videos are strangely compelling – thank you ! 🙂

  2. I bought a helmet and have used it a few times on the downhill tracks on the southdowns. Unfortunately at the one point when I had a big crash the blooming thing switched itself off as I hit the floor so I dont have a record of what actually happened!!
    Great fun indeed!

  3. Jonathan Cowper-Andrewes permalink

    oops, I actually meant “I bought a helmet camera”..

  4. Make and model?

  5. Jonathan Cowper-Andrewes permalink

    I bought the ATC1000, i think that link above shows the the ATC2000. Very pleased with it, took it out today down into Jevington and into Friston forest.

  6. Oh no, more toys!

  7. Oh no, more toys!

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