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Windows Crash Dump Analysis

October 4, 2006

For a lot of people this was the shock talk of the CEC and not because people think Windows systems don’t crash but why would Sun Engineers what to know how to diagnose those. Well we get to support systems running Windows so it is useful to be able at least do a first pass analysis of the crash so that you know who to call next. Is it Windows, a driver or the hardware?

Dimitri De Wild and Feri Chua did an excellent, if a bit rushed, job of presenting the topic. This was not their fault with only forty minutes it was always going to be a rush even for just an introduction into this topic. I think I would have changed the title of the talk to “Windows Crash Dump Analysis for Solaris Kernel Engineers” though as it seemed to make some (reasonable) assumptions about the audience in some places.

Another really good talk which while I suspect I will not directly use the information it is very useful to know what Windows can do if you configure it to collect the crash dump.

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