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“Time Trial” up Box Hill

September 10, 2006

One of the BBT riders had seen the results from the time trial up box hill from the Cycles Dauphin Army CU 3 Day 2006 where the winning time for the time trial was alledged to be 4 minutes 38 seconds to climb the zig zags on Box Hill. The results don’t seem to have been posted yet so I can’t confirm this. Anyway the BBT decided to cycle over to Box hill and see how fast we could do it.

The first problem is we were not quite sure where the official time trial started and finished. We started at the turn into Zig-Zag road and finished by the Cafe at the top. 1.59 miles by my milometer. I did see a start line just before the first zig, or is it a zag, anyway you can hear the excuses coming already, that would knock most of the .59 of the mile off it so that might explain the difference. It could not just be that we are unfit forty somethings.

My time of 7 minutes 28 seconds does not seem that great because it is not but that is a fast as I could go. 12.78mph average.

From the top of Box Hill we descended Pebble Coombe nice descent, 46.78mph, and eneded up at the Cafe at Henfold Lakes, where for the first time ever we actually saw one of the many fishermen there catch a fish!

Home via Dorking and over Ranmore for a change. 55.8 miles

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