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How many snapshots?

September 7, 2006

Having a non laptop system that is on all the time running zfs with automatic snapshots you start to build up the snapshots at an alarming rate.

# for i in $(zfs list -Ho name -t snapshot ) do zfs get -pH used $i done | nawk ‘{ count++;         if ($3 > 0 ) {                 nonzero++         };         total+=$3 } END {         print count, nonzero, total/(1024^2) }’ 7071 188 83.939 #

So after one week I have 7071 snapshots of which only 188 currently contain data taking just 85 megabytes with the total pool taking 42.8G.

No downsides have been seen so far so while the numbers appear alarming I see no reason not to continue.

Tags: topic:[opensolaris] topic:[zfs]


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