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ddclient meets SMF

September 7, 2006

Nice quick bit of progress on the home server today and one more service of the Qube.

Downloaded ddclient and copied over the configuration from the Qube. Then just had to write a smf manifest:

<?xml version="1.0"?>  <!DOCTYPE service_bundle SYSTEM "/usr/share/lib/xml/dtd/service_bundle.dtd.1">  <service_bundle type=’manifest’ name=’ddclient’>  <service         name=’network/ddclient’         type=’service’         version=’1′>          <create_default_instance enabled=’true’ />          <dependency                 name=’network’                 grouping=’require_all’                 restart_on=’none’                 type=’service’>                 <service_fmri value=’svc:/network/initial:default’ />         </dependency>          <exec_method                 type=’method’                 name=’start’                 exec=’/usr/sbin/ddclient’                 timeout_seconds=’0′ />          <exec_method                 type=’method’                 name=’stop’                 exec=’:kill -15′                 timeout_seconds=’3′ />          <stability value=’Unstable’/>          <template>                 <common_name>                         <loctext xml:lang=’C’>Dynamic DNS client</loctext>                 </common_name>         </template> </service> </service_bundle> 

Then the usual ‘svccfg import ddclient.xml’ and then we are going:

# svcs -x ddclient svc:/network/ddclient:default (Dynamic DNS client)  State: online since Thu Sep 07 22:36:47 2006    See: /var/svc/log/network-ddclient:default.log Impact: None. #

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  1. Yo!!
    Mister it was like someone for yours they shouldn`t they be here they!!

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