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Good Morning Build 44

July 24, 2006

Build 44 has been installed and seems to work on our Sun Ray server. So normal service has returned.

 : IA 1 $; uname -a SunOS estale 5.11 snv_44 sun4u sparc SUNW,Sun-Fire : IA 2 $; 

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  1. We also found a bug for those folks who have two or more screens. The gnome-panel dies and then after thirty seconds Gnome gives up trtying to get it running. The bug logged is 6451965. The workaround we have found is to close down all Gnome sessions that share the same home directory
    Login to CDE on the snv_44 host
    Run /bin/gnome-cleanup.
    Double check there are no user files / directories in /var/tmp/ on the snv_44 host.
    Login to snv_44 with gnome on the SunRay
    gnome-panel will die as described in this CR.
    Kill the utmhscreen process
    Open a terminal & start /bin/gnome-panel,

  2. It’s not just a sunray bug. I’m seeing it on both a u80 and a u60; both with dual framebuffers.
    I’ve added some further comments to the bug.

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